Professional Start Up Kit

FutureChromes Professional HydroChrome System

240x Pro Series


Get FutureChromes Full Professional HydroChrome System:

Only $3,850.00 for a state-of-the-art professional chrome kit for spray-on chroming services!


1) DUAL NOZZLE HVLP STAINLESS STEEL CHROMING GUN (2) 1 Quart Syphon Canisters (3) HVLP GUNS WITH FITTINGS (1) For Wetting Agent (1) For Sensitizer (1) For Rinsing MOUNTABLE SPRAY GUN HOLSTERS (1) For Wetting Agent Gun (1) Sensitizer Gun (1) For Rinsing Gun (1) 5 LINE AIR MANIFOLD (with high quality brass male & female quick connects) (1) HIGH QUALITY BRASS DUAL AIR LINE FILTER (removes oil & moisture from air) (1) AIR CHUCK (force dry/blow water off silver) (5) 5 FT AIR HOSE (1) For Wetting Agent Gun (1) For Sensitizer Gun (1) For Rinsing Gun (1) For Silver Gun (1) For Air Chuck

(1) TYPE S Concentrated Spray Silver, (8oz.)

  • makes 2 gallons

(1) TYPE R Silver Reducer Concentrate, (8oz.)

  • Makes 2 gallons

(1) TYPE D Tin for Silver, Concentrate, (8oz.)

  • Makes 2 gallons

(1) Wetting Agent concentrate, (16oz.)

  • Makes 2 gallons

(1) Silver Brightener, Premixed Spray Bottle, (1Qt.)

(1) Quart 2KA Urethane (1) Quart 2KB Hardener

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