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Pro Max 300 Spray Chrome Machine

With futurechrome chrome spray machines, there is no project that is too small or too large.This machine was developed with the latest spray chrome pistols in order to achieve quality and consistent results.The spray chrome pistol delivers our product with perfect atomization and maximum spray pattern for optimal coverage.Our spray chrome silvering gun is the best on the market and was developed to introduce the spray chrome process into the tarnish-proof clear coat and to give you a brilliant chrome finish. This spray chrome plating machine is also equipped with a top of the line spray chrome activator gun and an industry leading spray chrome flushing gun.The Spray Chrome machine is equipped with 2.5 gallon pressure drums, with which you can spray more than 300 square feet of spray area! Equipped with push connections for easy cleaning and connecting the spray chrome guns, we have also added 10-foot double bonded and triple bonded coil hoses to ensure a comfortable working distance. For more information on the functions and capabilities of this spray chrome system, please contact FutureChrome at (844)411-3055 or send an email request to Info@FutureChrome.com.

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Spray chrome over any surface, “If you can paint it you can chrome it”. Spray Chrome virtually any surface from fiberglass, plastics, metals, porcelain, ceramic and more! We now offer financing on all our spray chrome machines and spray chrome kits! 

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Who is FutureChrome Spray Chrome ?

We specialize in a process called spray chrome that allows you to apply a chrome or custom colored chrome finish to any surface. With Spray Chrome you will have the ability to spray surfaces such as fiberglass, plastics, metals, porcelain, ceramic and more. The spray chrome process is diluted down to 90% distilled water, which makes the spray chrome application mainly distilled water. FutureChrome spray chrome plating process will deposit the silver into the surface, enabling an excellent custom chrome finish with excellent adhesion.We use a unique FutureChrome 2K glass like clear coat that has been specially formulated with a UVA / UVB component as well as flexibility. Our patented clear top coat has high anti tarnish properties therefore making it extremely protective against UV rays. The crystal clear anti tarnish top coat protects the spray chrome finish from yellowing or tarnishing. FutureChrome offers unmatched technical support, training videos, in house training options and amazing customer service for our chrome spray chrome applicators. When it comes to FutureChrome spray chrome your success is our success! 

FutureChrome Pro Ultra 90 Spray Chrome System

FutureChrome Pro Ultra 90 Spray Chrome System $5,995.00*

$6,500.00 with chemical package.

FutureChrome’s Pro Ultra 90 Spray Chrome System is perfect for a new business startup or if you are looking to add the spray chrome application as an additional service to your existing business.

The Pro Ultra 90 Spray Chrome System is siphon fed and comes with all the spray chrome guns needed for the FutureChrome spray chrome application and will give you a total coverage of 90 plus square feet.

FutureChrome  Pro Ultra 90 Spray Chrome System Features:

  • Matte Black powder coat finish
  • Dual Silvering gun with polycarbonate tip
  • 3 Siphon fed spray chrome guns featuring polycarbonate tips
  • 10-foot coil hoses
  • Full stainless air blower
  • 96 Ounce polypropylene chemical vessels
  • Water/oil separator
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Casters for portability
  • Wall bracket for wall mount capabilities

Free Color Pack with purchase of Pro Ultra 90 System! ($399.00 VALUE)


FutureChrome offers a spray chrome training program where we will come to your shop and train you on our spray chrome process known as “HydroChrome”. 

FutureChrome’s spray chrome plating process allows you to put a regular chrome or colored chrome finish over virtually any surface, this process IS NOT chrome paint however if you can paint it you can chrome it.

For information on FutureChrome’s spray chrome plating kit or already have a kit and want to register for training in your shop please call 844-411-3055 or email info@Futurechrome.com


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