SprayChrome FAQ

We’ve taken the time to listen to our potential installers! We are well aware this is new technology to most of you so here are the answers to many of the most commonly asked questions!

Are you limited to what you can apply this to?

Our material can be applied over any substrate that has a high gloss finish applied to it. Some examples of applications are plastic, fiberglass, steel, tin, stainless steel, aluminum, metal alloys, ceramic, concrete, tile, wood, etc.!

How does FutureChrome work?

FutureChrome is essentially a layer of pure silver plating without the use of an electrostatic charge. Using the latest advancements in chemical silvering technology, we are able to use a chemical reaction to create an instant bond between pure silver and the material that it is being applied to.

Is FutureChrome as durable as real chrome?

Even more so! Futurechrome is very durable and flexible but even more versatile! Now you have the ability to chrome virtually any surface!

Believe it or not, you can chrome just about any type of surface with FutureChrome! The possibilities are literally unlimited!

The automotive industry has exploded with all the unique applictions but FutureChrome’s capabilities are not limited to the auto world.

Our chrome system can be used to chrome plastic, fiberglass, steel, tin, stainless steel, aluminum, metal alloys, ceramic, concrete, tile, wood and so much more!

Can I get colored chrome?

Yes! Creating a beautiful & brilliant colored chrome finish is extremely easy to do! Simply add a few drops of our custom translucent die directly into the clear topcoat! There are several examples of colored chrome on our custom paint shops page.

What type of preparation is required?

Preparation is always key for every job and it’s different depending on the substrate and for the look you want to achieve. If you take the time to prepare the surface just as you would when prepping for paint, you’ll never have a problem!

Here’s the perfect example for any metal surface…


Step 1: Check for all imperfections.

Step 2: Fill any deep scratches with a trustworthy filler such as All-Metal.

Step 3: Sand the freshly filled area and if necessary the whole wheel with an orbital sander or manually sand using a 320 grit paper. A Buffer sander will work best because the foam pad makes them flexible while sanding allowing the sanding disc to curve with the surface.

Step 4: De-Grease the surface by cleaning the entire surface thoroughly with dish soap and De Ionized water. It is important to remove any grease or oil from the surface before you begin basecoating.

Step 5: Rinse & Dry

Does FutureChrome help me get work?

Yes. FutureChrome values it’s dealers and we advertise in multiple facets. In fact we’re everywhere! Whether it’s online, In magazines or in printed publications in your local area, FutureChrome will help promote your shop and your high quality work!

What about territory?

For the majority of our applicators, FutureChrome will provide an exclusive territory where no other shop can apply our product for resale to the consumer public.

Ask your district manager if your territory is currently available.

What payment do you accept?

We accept All Major Credit Cards

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

We accept Checks

Business checks, Personal Checks, Check By Phone, Check By Mail

We offer financing options

We’ve partnered with Crest Capital, A leader in Equipment Finance

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Call Us To Get Started!

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy and inexpensive and it all starts with a phone call! Contact one of our experienced and knowledgeable reps and we’ll see if your area and territory is available!


All orders are custom made and may be returned within a 30 day period on unopened, unused products and are subject to a 25% restocking fee.