Spray Chrome DIY Kit $595.00

Spray Chrome DIY Kit $595.00!

What is spray on chrome?

Spray on chrome is a process that allows you to put a mirror finish over any paintable surface.  Simply apply a high gloss clear coat and you are ready for the spray chrome application. Spray chrome is a great alternative to chrome plating because the process is 96% distilled water. You now have ability to chrome over fillers therefore making this most versatile chrome coating in the industry.

Show chrome is just one of the options you will have, along with multiple different colored chrome finishes. Spray chrome t is a great way to restore old small chrome parts into a beautiful chrome finish while having total control.

Traditional chrome is a thing of the past, FutureChrome is the future!

Spray chrome v. Traditional Chrome:

  • Durability is equivalent to traditional show chrome
  • Spray chrome can be applied over metal fillers, traditional chrome can not
  • Spray chrome will not pit over time like traditional chrome
  • Brilliant reflections
  • A more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chrome
  • Low start up cost
  • Full control of the chrome process
  • Less steps to the process
  • Thicker coatings
  • Choice of materials
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Safer to use
  • Spray chrome can be wet sanded and polished
  • Colored chrome available


Spray Chrome DIY Kit Is Perfect For:

  • 3D Printed Items
  • Artists
  • Air Brush Artists
  • Crafts
  • Designers
  • Hobbyists
  • Model Cars, trucks, trains, planes
  • RC Cars, trucks, planes, boats, drones
  • Gamers, and more

The Complete DIY Hobby Kit Includes:

Apply a beautiful spray chrome finish over any paintable surface. Spray chrome allows you to chrome items such as glass, plastic, fiberglass, metal, 3D printed items and more. Whether it be testing the waters or doing weekend project, therefore this DIY Kit is the perfect option.


FutureChromes 4:1 BaseCoat/TopCoat


  • 1 Quart
  • Covers up to 120 Square Feet


  • 1 Pint Can
  • Covers up to 120 Square Feet

– PreActivator Solution

  • 4 oz concentrate bottle
  • Covers 60 Square Feet 

– Activator Solution

  • 2 oz concentrate bottle
  • Covers 60 Square Feet 

 – Silver Solution

  • 2 oz bottle
  • Covers 60 Square Feet

 – Reducer Solution

  • 2 oz bottle
  • Covers 60 Square Feet 

This kit includes all the material you need to create 60 square feet of beautiful chrome.

Included in this kit your will find the following equipment and materials:

1) Double bottle sprayer for simultaneous application of FutureChrome #2 Silver Solution, FutureChrome #3 Reducer solution and #4 Balancer Solution

2) One Chemical resistant applicator. This applicator sprayer is used for applying the FutureChrome #1 Activator Solution. 

3) Manual pressurized rinse applicator used for applying the distilled water for the silvering process.

4) Measuring Cups and pipettes. Use these to measure your chemicals. Do not cross contaminate! Each cup should be used for only one type of chemical.

5) One powered paint spraying kit. Use for applying your basecoat and top coat.

6) 2 oz FutureChrome #1 Activator solution, 2 oz FutureChrome #2 Silvering Solution, 2 oz FutureChrome #3 Reducer Solution, 2 oz FutureChrome #4 Balancer solution, 1 quart FutureChromes 2:1 BaseClear/TopClear, 1 pint FutureChromes Hardener,1 2oz bottle of FutureChrome violet uv protection top coat tint, 1 FutureChrome candy color of your choice .