ChromeUV Equipment

ChromeUV Portable UV Curing System


110V –  60Hz – 1600W

UV Cure Base Coat and Top Coat

The UV Curing and Coating basecoat and topcoat is a semi self leveling* high gloss urethane acrylate that leaves a glass like finish over any spray chrome finish. Simply apply the UV cure coat, pass over it for 10 seconds with the UV curing system and the material will be fully cured.

$189.00 – 1 QUART

$689.00 – 1 GALLON


UV Cure Adhesion Promoter

UV Cure self etching adhesion promoter provides flawless adhesion to any surface, just lightly scuff the surface, apply the adhesion promoter, pass over with the hand held UV curing light for 10 seconds and the surface will be fully cured ready for your basecoat application.

$189.00 – 1 QUART

$699.00 – 1 GALLON


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