FutureChrome Intro 240x Package

FutureChrome 240x Chrome Package $2,995.00!


The FutureChrome 240X Spray Chrome kit gives you the ability to apply a chrome or colored chrome finish over virtually any surface. This kit is perfect for football helmets, restorations, visual retail projects, 3D printed images and more! FutureChromes spray chrome kit allows you the ability to have full control of the chrome process right in your own shop. Add FutureChrome as an additional service to your business and have your customers leaving with a shining smile. When spraying the FutureChrome Spray Chrome system you can provide your customer with so many different options of colored chrome or just a traditional show chrome finish. Put limitations in the rear view and start saying yes to chrome!

FutureChrome is perfect for:

  • Auto Body Shops
  • Classic Car Restoration
  • Vehicle Detailing
  • Motorcycle Shops
  • Motorcycle Restoration
  • Visual Merchandising 
  • Interior Design 
  • Glass Art
  • Pot Metal Restoration  
  • Hydrographics 
  • And More!

The FutureChrome 240x spray chrome kit package makes producing durable, mirror like finishes simple, easy, fast and foolproof. With the contents of the FutureChrome 240x Package you’ll be able to chrome a total of 240 sq. ft. The chemicals, hardware and spray chrome supplies you need to get started are all included.

What’s in the Spray Chrome Kit?

Included in this kit your will find the following equipment and materials:

FutureChrome Concentrates

  • FutureChrome #1 Activator Solution
  • FutureChrome #2 Silver Solution
  • FutureChrome#3 Reducer Solution
  • FutureChrome #4 Balancer Solution
  • FutureChrome HS 2:1 BaseClear 
  • FutureChrome HS 2:1 TopClear 
  • Candy Color of Your Choice


  • FutureChrome Full Stainless Dual Nozzle Silvering Gun 
  • FutureChrome High Pressure Rinse Gun
  • FutureChrome Full Stainless Siphon Gun 
  • Siphon Bottles
  • Speed Shapes 
  • Pipettes for accurate color measurements 
  • Chemical measuring cups for silvering concentrates 
  • (4) 32 Ounce PPE Paint Measuring Cups 

Note: Your shop will need a compressor that provides 60 to 80 psi of clean oil free and moisture free air. *Distilled water not provided.