Furniture Restoration

Retro furniture has seen as resurgence in popularity. The vintage style of chrome furniture is beautiful, but time can cause pitting and rust that obscures the original shine. FutureChrome makes it easy to restore that gleam without breaking the bank. Our revolutionary spray application system allows you to  take any piece of antique chrome and make it look brand new. Don’t waste time or money or electroplating. Use FutureChrome’s hyrdochrome system to restore chrome furniture to its original shine. Available in a variety of colors. Learning to use the spray application kits is easy to do.

Whether a professional restorer or DIY amateur, you’ll find FutureChrome ideal for all your chroming needs. This isn’t just silver spray paint. Our chrome painting technology actually bonds with the material on the molecular level, restoring it’s original luster. It works on practically any surface, leaving a mirror-like shine which won’t fade. FutureChrome’s hyrdrochrome formula is resistant to tarnishing, peeling, and yellowing. It will return the original luster to even the most faded furniture.

Recapture the classic look of antique furniture with FutureChrome. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be an expert at chrome furniture restoration. No need for expensive and dangerous chemical baths. FutureChrome is your safe and practical solution for restoring the original polish to antique furniture. Once you’re finished, it will look brand new.