Metal Art Finish

Metal Art Fabrication & Finishing

FutureChrome’s innovative chrome paint system puts a beautiful finish on your metallic art. A timeless reflective sheen is the perfect finishing touch for your art piece. Artists, fabricators, and collectors find our revolutionary spray-on application system perfect for new pieces and restoration. Our hydrochrome spray kit makes it easy and affordable to put a full chrome coating on any surface of any size. Give your metal sculpture or instillation a classic look and make it shine with a custom chrome paint job. Perfect for new pieces or restoring antiques.

Our advanced spray-on chrome paint can apply a beautiful chrome finish to nearly any metal, plastic, wood, or fiberglass surface of all shapes and sizes. After a little practice, you’ll get a shop-quality shine at a fraction of the cost and time, no dangerous or expensive chemicals necessary. Whether you are a professional fabricator, restorer, or a DIY hobbyist, FutureChrome makes it quick and easy to apply a strong, protective coating to your metallic art.

FutureChrome’s hydrochrome chroming system is not just silver paint. Our special chemical formula bonds to the applied surface, leaving a durable mirror finish. There’s no need for expensive or dangerous chemical baths. You’ll get the same result, faster and cheaper, with our chrome paint system. Our formula is specially designed for durability, and is resistant to yellowing and peeling. Get the deep mirror finish of FutureChrome for your metallic art today.