FutureChrome Cosplay

What is Cosplay?

Cosplay is considered to be a performance art in which people become specific characters. It is very popular in Japan, Asia and in the U.S. People wear costumes that are detailed to the finest extent, and some people adopt the affectations and mannerisms of the characters they are portraying. It has become very popular in the last few decades, and enthusiasts attend conventions and other events while portraying their chosen characters.

People do not use real weapons, but they instead use prop weapons that are often made out of foam. It is possible to metalize foam sword blades, knife blades and other cosplay weapons by using FutureChrome spray-on chrome.

Materials needed

You will need to gather the following materials:

  • FutureChrome Hobby Kit or Professional Spray Chrome Kit
  • Safety glasses, rubber gloves and a vinyl apron to protect your clothes
  • An air blower
  • Deionized water
  • Masking tape to tape off parts you don’t want to chrome
  • Primer

How to prepare your props for spray chrome

Begin by applying primer to the surface that you will chrome. Tape off the parts that you do not want to have chrome. After the primer dries, sand it to help it become smooth. You’ll then want to go ahead and mix your solutions so that they are ready for you to use.

How to apply spray chrome on props

1. Mix your solutions in the correct ratios

Your kit contains four concentrates. You will mix each according to the following ratios:

● One part S solution to 30 milliliters of Distilled water
● One part R solution to 30 milliliters of Distilled water
● One part D solution to 30 milliliters of Distilled water
● Four parts W solution to 30 milliliters of Distilled water

After mixing these, set them aside in their correspondingly labeled bottles.

2. Mix your base coat and apply it

For your base coat, mix together the FutureChrome 2KA and FutureChrome 2KB in equal parts. Apply it with horizontal passes from the bottom of the piece to the top. Once it is coated, allow it to cure for 24 hours. Make certain to clean out your spray gun using paint thinner or acetone after this step.

3. Metalize your weaponry

After your base coat is cured, you next want to sensitize the surface. You do this by liberally spraying it with your FutureChrome W solution followed by your FutureChrome D solution. Rinse it with distilled water, and repeat the FutureChrome sensitizer application. Rinse it off again with the distilled water. Don’t allow the surface to dry before moving on to the next step.

Spray on your metalizing spray, which is made of the FutureChrome S and FutureChrome R solutions in your dual-bottle sprayer. Again, use a horizontal spraying pattern. Repeat the applications until you have the shine that you want.

4. Apply your topcoat

You’ll next apply your topcoat. It is mixed by combining the FutureChrome 2KA topcoat together with the FutureChrome 2KB hardener in equal parts. Spray it on using a horizontal spraying pattern just as before. It will take approximately 24 hours to fully cure.

When you chrome spray your cosplay props, they’ll look just like the weaponry used by your favorite character. Call us today to place your order (844)411-3055