Chrome Repair and Restoration

Step By Step Chrome Repair/Restoration

When it comes to chrome restoration, there’s no product that compares to FutureChrome. Here on this page we’re going to outline how to take an existing damaged or rusted chrome surface and restore it to a brand new deep mirror chrome finish.

Step 1: Sandblasting/ Orbital Sanding/ Manual Sanding.

Sandblast or use an orbital sander or manually sand using 180 to 320 grit. Simply sand down the rusted or damaged part creating a smooth surface, use a necesarry primer  and  follow with FutureChrome’s 2k basecoat .

Step 2: Fill the affected underlying problem area.

Use a conventional metal filler such as All Metal, lab metal or aluminum/steel putty to fill in the damaged area and bring your surface to a smooth flush substrate. If you need to resand, go back in with a final 320 grit.

Step 3: Basecoat the surface.

Apply 1st coat of Futurechrome basecoat and let dry. Check for imperfections and if there are any, wet sand with 2000 grit and apply a second coat to acheive a glass like finish.

Step 4: Chrome directly over the basecoat.

Using the chemicals and distilled water, apply the wetting agent, sensitizer and silver solution to create a deep mirror finish. Once the piece has been chromed, allow 2-3 hours for moisture to completely evaporate.

Step 5: Clearcoat the chrome

Using the 2K clear coat provided in your kit, apply a quick thin 1-2 mil coating of clear and let cure.