Auto Restoration

Chrome Paint and Finish for Auto, Car, and Truck Restoration

Nothing beats the feeling of driving a beautiful, classic car. You know that your bright, stylish vehicle turns heads. But a classic car without shine is just an old car. Professional auto restores know that the key to achieving that “off-the-show-floor” look is a smooth, even, reflective chrome paint finish.

Restoring the chrome on a vehicle can bring it back to life. But sending parts away to be electroplated is a time consuming and expensive process. Instead, restore your car, vehicle, or truck with a revolutionary spray-on chrome application system from FutureChrome. We make it easy to put a professional quality shine on any material. A variety of colors are available to help restore the shine on any antique car. Make an old car look brand new with FutureChrome.

FutureChrome’s new hydrochrome system is changing the way people restore vintage automobiles. This isn’t spray paint. Our advanced chemical formula bonds the chrome directly to the surface, leaving a beautiful and durable chrome finish. Works on almost any metal, fiberglass, or plastic. Our chrome spray is perfect for professional auto restoration, you’ll be able to return the original shine to vintage cars quickly and easily. The deep mirror finish of FutureChrome provides the durability and shine of show-chrome without specialized equipment.

FutureChrome is specially designed to create an immaculate chrome finish for your auto restoration that is resistant to peeling or tarnishing. Whether a professional restorer or dedicated amateur, FutureChrome is your money-saving solution for restoring antique cars.