Auto Restoration

Spray chrome for Restorations and Pot Metal

 Our spray chrome kit offers a modern day solution for a modern day problem. Those in the automotive restoration industry know how difficult it is to get a show chrome finish in a reasonable amount of time. Chrome plating and electroplating have an average turn around time of 6 months or more, therefore becoming a major problem in the industry. Pot metal has proven to be an issue for chrome plating as well.

The spray chrome process gives automotive restoration shops full control of the chrome process from start to finish.There is very few limitations to what you can apply a spray chrome finish to.  With this process automotive restoration shops can now apply a beautiful chrome finish over pot metal.

The spray chrome process will change how restorations are done. Restore those interior bezels back to their beautiful show chrome shine.

FutureChromes spray chrome kits are very cost effective being pennies on the dollar compared to chrome plating and electro plating. With our process you will never have to worry about chipping, peeling, yellowing or pitting. The process is completed with a high end AT Clear Coat with excellent ASTM ratings providing a beautiful long lasting finish.