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Spray a chrome finish over virtually any surface

About FutureChrome

The FutureChrome spray chrome product has been developed by top chemists in the coatings industry. This process has been tested and approved by some of the industry’s biggest company names.

The material in our spray on chrome paint kits is state of the art. FutureChrome spray on chrome pricing simply can’t be beat. We know what it takes to create a successful brand, now let us help your business grow along with us!

 A Great Product with Quality Service To Back It Up.

With out your success our spray on chrome process wouldn’t be possible!

The truth is, any company can have a good product but when it comes to customer service you may here an answering machine when you call.

At FutureChrome we always take the time to thoroughly answer all of your questions. With any process product knowledge is necessary to complete your project and FutureChrome is here to provide it!

Real Marketing Support.

We know the coatings industry so we know what advertising really works. At FutureChrome we are more than eager to help you in any way we can to grow your business.

Facebook marketing has been a huge success with small and large businesses. We will advertise your business with our process and drive work directly to you at no added cost. At FutureChrome we do not collect royalties, with your success comes our success.

Talk to your district manager and see what we can do for your business!

32 Years in the chemical industry

Futurechrome is by far the best spray on chrome paint in the industry. All of our equipment, materials and chemicals are manufactured here in the USA. We have a wide variety of colors for the spray on chrome application.

With the latest and most innovative advancements in UV cure technology and the world introduction to ChromeUV, the birth of the mobile chrome field industry has begun and Futurechrome started it all. Follow us on Facebook as we revolutionize the chrome industry one quality shop at a time.


“The birth of the mobile chrome industry has begun. We will introduce this new technology to the field, we will train new and existing businesses in the chrome paint kit market, we will create thousands of new jobs for Americans and we will promote the growth of this new segment in the automotive field”

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We are ready to take on your most demanding projects!