Custom Chrome Art

Custom Art Chrome Finish

If you’re an artist or fabricator, getting access to the stunning look of a chrome finish used to be difficult. Not any more. The revolutionary hydrochrome spray kit from FutureChrome makes it easy to apply a beautiful chrome finish to any material.  Make your art stand out with a custom chrome finish, available in a variety of colors. Our unique spray on chrome paint is designed to resist chipping, peeling, or tarnishing. No more dull or tattered chrome. Make your art shine with a beautiful and durable chrome paint job.

FutureChrome’s revolutionary chrome application system for art works with metal, wood, concrete, plastic, and fiberglass. You’ll be able to chrome virtually any surface. Whether you’re a professional artist or working on a personal project, our chrome paint kit gives a shop-quality reflective shine. With just a little bit of training and practice, you’ll be able to easily create beautiful chrome works of art without hiring expensive fabricators. Perfect for restoration, making older art pieces look brand new.

Your FutureChrome hydrochrome spray kit isn’t just silver paint. It is a powerful chemical formula which bonds to the surface, creating a durable, reflective finish. You’ll learn how to use our revolutionary spray application system quickly. Using spray-on chrome for art is easier and cheaper than chrome plating and provides the same-high quality look and durability.

FutureChrome enables any artist to create custom chrome art without breaking the bank. No matter the size, shape, or material, FutureChrome can bring a beautiful and timeless chrome look to any piece.