Custom Chrome Art

Custom Art Chrome Finish

FutureChrome’s Spray Chrome Kit is perfect for applying a show chrome or a colored chrome finish to any visual retail or art project. Our spray chrome process has been used in the visual retail industry and art galleries as well. We have clients such as artist and fabricators who now have the ability to apply a brilliant show chrome finish or colored chrome finish over their projects. FutureChrome’s spray chrome kit makes it easy to apply a beautiful spray chrome finish to almost any type of surface. There are virtually no more limitations to what you can apply a show chrome finish or colored chrome finish to. Our spray chrome material offers outstanding durability and chip resistance. Offering this process on your art projects or visual retail projects is an amazing alternative and gives you full control of production from start to finish.

Some of the different applications you can use FutureChrome’s spray chrome on are things such as metal art, fiberglass projects, acrylic sheets, carbon fiber, wood, concrete and more.

FutureChrome’s spray chrome kit is not a chrome paint. Our spray chrome product gives you an exact match to show chrome which is what makes it the perfect alternative for those ” impossible to chrome” projects.

Using our spray chrome application for chrome art projects does not get any easier than clear chrome clear. FutureChrome also offers a state of the art chrome machine to tackle large projects setting no limitations for artists and fabricators that love to please their clients.