Visual Merchandise

Chrome Spray for Visual Merchandise

Having high quality visual merchandising is an important part of attracting customers into your store. Whenever you enter a retail store, the visual merchandising displays are the first things you’ll notice. Incorporating the timeless style of chrome helps your merchandise stand out. But electroplating is expensive and difficult. Using our revolutionary spray-on chrome application system is a great way to turn heads without breaking the bank. By applying a reflective, eye-catching chrome finish to your displays, you’ll find it easy and inexpensive to create beautiful, unique styles that will help your products sell themselves.

The hyrdrochrome spray kit is capable of applying an even, clean finish to almost any surface. Chrome metal, wood, concrete, plastic, or fiberglass. This isn’t just silver paint. Our breakthrough formula bonds the silver directly to the surface, creating a durable coat that won’t lose its shine. No more peeling or yellowing. Perfect for restoring old displays, making them look brand new!

A chrome merchandising display will reflect light, helping to give your store a bright look and illuminate your products. The clean, timeless style will make give your products a brand-new look which appeals to all shoppers.

Perfect for use on display hooks, clothing racks, mannequins, and more. Don’t waste time or money getting your display electroplated. Unlock your store’s potential with our one-of-a-kind spray application system. You’ll love the look of your store once you’ve taken advantage of FutureChrome’s spray-on chrome.