Chrome Spray for Visual Displays

Eye-catching visual displays are a vital part of any retail store. A unique window display is your store’s first impression. Make sure it’s a good one with the revolutionary chrome paint system from FutureChrome. Chrome looks great, but electroplating is too expensive for most stores. Our spray-on application system will make it easy to apply a beautiful, reflective finish to any surface without costing a lot. Wood, plastic, concrete, and metal can all be quickly and inexpensively coated with a mirror-like shine. Turn heads with a new visual merchandise display for your store floor or window. Take advantage of the easy to use hydrochrome spray system. You’ll be amazed at the response to a new, shining chrome visual merchandise display.

Our product isn’t just silver paint. FutureChrome’s advanced chemical application process bonds the chrome directly to the surface. The chrome finish is extremely durable. No more yellowed, dull, or peeling chrome. You’ll have a brand-new new look for your displays without the cost of electroplating. Let the reflective surface light up your window displays and convert passers-by into shoppers. Get the clean, timeless appeal of chrome and make your store shine.

Because FutureChrome can be applied to virtually any type of surface, you’ll be able to chrome display stands, clothing racks, and even mannequins. Catch eyes with a brilliant display that attracts customers and is easy to maintain without costing a lot. Once you’ve used FutureChrome’s easy spray-on system, you’ll love your store’s new style.