Professional Start Up Kit

FutureChromes Professional SprayChrome Kit

Increase Business with FutureChrome’s Full Professional Spray on Chrome System for $3,850.00:

Only $3,850.00 for a state-of-the-art professional chrome kit for spray-on chroming services!


(1) Dual Head Stainless Siphon Fed Silvering Gun  (1) Full Stainless Siphon Fed Activator Gun (3) 32 ounce (1 quart) Siphon Canisters (3) Mountable spray gun holsters (1) High Pressure Rinse Gun  (1) 4 Line Air Manifold (with high quality brass male & female quick connects) (2)High Quality desiccant filters attachable to silvering gun and activator gun to help reduce moisture (1) Air Chuck (force dry/blow water off silver) (4) 10 Ft Air Hose 


  • FutureChrome #1 Activator Solution
  • FutureChrome #2 Silver Solution
  • FutureChrome#3 Balancer Solution
  • FutureChrome #4 Reducer Solution
  • FutureChrome HS 2:1 BaseClear 
  • FutureChrome HS 2:1 TopClear


(1) Quart FutureChrome HS 2:1 TopClear (1) Pint FutureChrome HS 2:1 TopClear Hardener  (1) Quart FutureChrome 2:1 HS BaseClear (1) Pint FutureChrome HS 2:1 BaseClear Hardener 

Expert Advertising, Sales & Marketing Support FutureChrome will provide content for advertising and marketing online and in written publications. Unmatched Technical Support 1 full day of in person training offered at our location and unlimited ongoing technical support by phone. We also offer in house training where we will come to your shop and teach you the process for an unbeatable price! With the in house training we guarantee that you will be successfully chroming by the time we leave your shop or your money back!